Thursday, July 12, 2012

Brooke Maternity

 This is my little sister, Brooke. We began this shoot at the cemetery. It marked the 2nd anniversary of her first sweet baby's passing. To read more about, Jonah, click here.

 Although this day was bittersweet, we had another reason to celebrate. Jonah is about to be a big brother to another sweet little boy. 
 Brooke and her husband, Ransom, have been through a lot in the last couple years. They have handled it all with faith and strength far beyond my understanding. The gift of this 2nd little boy leaves me so excited and happy for them.

 Congrats to you! And thanks for making such cute nephews for me!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

family reunion

 Ok, it's been so long since I've blogged that I forgot my password....sad. Anyway, about time. This incredible view is Lake Pend Orielle, ID. We got to go there for a weekend for our biannual family reunion.
 ....And this is my crazy family:) We have our own little family reunion within the bigger family reunion. We got to see some siblings from out of town and their families. Always so fun when we all get together. Together, there are 6 kids, their spouses and kids and my parents which equals 27! Not to mention the new nephew that's still cookin:)

 At night, we got together with everyone and played a few games. The kids had a blast!

 My cute Sis., Brooke and her pup, Penelope!

 My parents brought their kayaks and Kason and I had some fun with them. This was literally our backyard!
(Our cabin)

We had a blast! Thanks Mom and Dad for organizing and getting us all together!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

"Sno-maggedon 2012"

 Ok this is just cute right? It happened before the crazy storm but thought it was share-worthy!
 It always cracks me up how our winter storms get named every year. This one was actually pretty big..lost power for a few days and had LOTS-O snow. We spent our time sledding down our big driveway (I know, not safe but considering people were skiing down the road I felt ok about it!), making and igloo with our neighbors and throwing snowballs at eachother.

 People told me that age 3 was one of the funnest...I have to say I agree!

 Watching more and more snow fall down, all day long!
"Baby hotdogs" aka "Pigs in a blanket" have become our traditional snow day lunch. Good thing we were warned about this storm so I could be prepared!
Happy Snow day!!

Sunday, December 18, 2011


 We got to hang with the Lay side the other night because Santa and Mrs. Claus made their annual visit. I love these photos because you can just see the nervousness in Kason's face. He told me the whole way there..."Mom, I'm not going to sit on Santa's lap..just stand next to him." He eventually warmed up but it was like he was sitting next to a celebrity. So cute!

 This year he wants a Violin, Guitar (with real strings), and a blue drum....hmmm..going to be a little noisy around our house.
 "MOM! I got a candy cane because Ima BIG boy!"
 Some of the Lay grandkids with Grandma, Grandpa, Santa (Uncle Dan) and Mrs. Claus (Aunt Diana).

We are eagerly anticipating Santa this year! Should be fun :)

Friday, December 9, 2011

Family Photos

I have just simply run out of time this year to try and get some family photos taken. We went to get a tree last weekend with my parents and I decided I would turn them into our photographers. My dad took these, he's got some skills :).

Friday, December 2, 2011

Halloween Night

 A little behind..but as promised...outfit #2/3/4. For Halloween night, we went to my parent's house. As you can see, we changed into a football player! Always keeping me guessing, that one :)  My parent's live in a subdivision with sidewalks and streetlights so trick-or-treaters come by the 100's. We decided to join the crazy crowd. My brother's family came too so it was fun for Kason to get to go out with his cousins.

 We came over a little early for a spooky dinner and play time before we headed out. My mom even got some dry ice to make a cauldren of apple cider. We all were a little entranced by it :)

Cute niece, batgirl!

 Grandpa doing a little magic trick for the kids. He took the "trick" part seriously and probably performed it 30 times that night for the trickor treaters!
 Cute Cousins!

Happy Halloween!